Organise regular electrical testing and tagging, it’s a legal requirement.

A lot of business owners don’t know this, but regular electrical testing and tagging is required of any workplace by law. Under the Workplace Health & Safety Act, all appliances that use electricity must be tested and tagged to ensure their ongoing safety for use, as well as the protection of the persons within the workplace.

Current legislation requires an electrical testing and tagging service for:

  • Non-permanent building sites every 3 months
  • Permanent commercial workshops every 6 months
  • Offices every 6 months

Having our roots deep within the mining industry in Rockhampton and surrounding areas, we know the restrictions, inconveniences and fines that are incurred when the required testing and tagging services are not adhered to e.g. contractors being restricted from accessing worksites, equipment being sent away until tested and tagged.

Don’t risk the WH&S consequences.

Organise an electrical testing and tagging service today on 07 4928 4289.

What we do

Capricorn Rewind Electrical offer semi-regular electrical testing and tagging services for any worksite. Whether your workplace is in an office, or you have many power tools on your building site, CRE’s service will cover your:

  • Power tools
  • Extension leads
  • Computers
  • Appliances (kettles, toasters etc.)
  • Heavy machinery (e.g. welders)
  • Anything else that conducts electricity

Our team is full of qualified tradespeople with 30 years industry experience, who are able to conduct an electrical testing and tagging service quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime on your worksite.

How it works

  1. Call Capricorn Rewind Electrical on 07 4928 4289 and describe the kinds of electrical services you need.
  2. One of our qualified technicians will be able to inform you of the services you are requiring with an estimated time of completion, should you choose to engage our services.
  3. Upon delivery, we will begin work on your equipment, or alternatively will organise a convenient time to visit your site to perform the required work. All timings will be coordinated for you and your organisation’s ongoing convenience and efficiency.
  4. For any other enquires related to the servicing or repairs of your electrical equipment, get in touch with us any time.

Organise an electrical testing and tagging service now.