Rockhampton’s irrigation pump specialists

For 30 years, Capricorn Rewind Electrical has been servicing Rockhampton and surrounding areas’ farming community with the servicing and repairs of their irrigation pumps.

As a key piece of equipment for the ongoing fertilization and efficiency of any farm or garden, it is important to know where to go when your irrigation pumps stop working as they should.

At Capricorn Rewind Electrical, we’ve made ourselves Rockhampton’s irrigation pump specialists and stock spare parts and replacement pumps for our farmer clients who need their pumps serviced or repaired regularly.

Also, any work we perform on any irrigation pump comes with a 12-month warranty on labour, meaning that you can keep peace of mind when something goes wrong with your irrigation pumps.

Keep your pumps healthy.

Call the irrigation pump specialists today on 07 4928 4289.

What we do

We repair and service all makes, models and sizes of irrigation pumps, from domestic to commercial uses. This includes:

  • Pool pumps
  • Submersible pumps
  • Spa pumps
  • Larger irrigation pumps and motors

To make the servicing and repairs process even easier for you, we’ve stocked replacement irrigation pumps for your use while we’re servicing your equipment.

Alternatively, if you feel like it’s time to purchase new equipment, Capricorn Rewind Electrical have established relationships with the best suppliers from around the world, and can order you in any parts, makes or models that you require.

How it works

  1. Call Capricorn Rewind Electrical on 07 4928 4289 and describe the kinds of electrical services you need.
  2. One of our qualified technicians will be able to inform you of the services you are requiring with an estimated time of completion, should you choose to engage our services.
  3. Upon delivery, we will begin work on your equipment, or alternatively will organise a convenient time to visit your site to perform the required work. All timings will be coordinated for you and your organisation’s ongoing convenience and efficiency.
  4. For any other enquires related to the servicing or repairs of your electrical equipment, get in touch with us any time.

If it’s an irrigation pump, we can fix it.