Domestic, commercial, standby or mains…

Your generators, the source of power for your domestic or commercial operation, are of the utmost importance to maintain, ensuring their ongoing use and powering of your infrastructure and equipment.

If something were to go wrong with your generator, would you be sure that your standby power is up to scratch? How long has it been since you’ve had it serviced with a full load test?

These are important questions to ask, especially when you consider the scenario of power failure, and the consequences it would bring to the efficiency of your business.

At Capricorn Rewind Electrical, we look after generator repairs for all makes and models, giving our clients a service agent they can trust, and consequently peace of mind when it comes to the ongoing life and efficiency of their generators.

Don’t leave generator repairs till burnout.

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What we do

At Capricorn Rewind Electrical, we look after both the servicing and repairs of all makes and models of generators. Our clients have come to trust us as their servicing partners, and we have forged these relationships out of consistent delivery and speed of delivery.

For most generator repair jobs, we can have it back up and running within a day. With our the larger pieces of equipment that aren’t portable, we will travel out to your worksite and perform the repairs/maintenance there in a way that minimizes downtime and gets your equipment back up and running as soon as possible.

How it works

  1. Call Capricorn Rewind Electrical on 07 4928 4289 and explain what you are looking for.
  2. One of our qualified technicians will be able to inform you of the services you are requiring with an estimated time of completion, should you choose to engage our services.
  3. Upon delivery, we will begin work on your equipment, or alternatively will organise a convenient time to visit your site to perform the required work. All timings will be coordinated for you and your organisation’s ongoing convenience and efficiency.
  4. For any other enquires related to the servicing or repairs of your electrical equipment, get in touch with us any time.

Rockhampton’s biggest mines and worksites trust us with their generator repairs.

Is there a generator we can help you with?