We’ve been Rewinding, Repairing and Replacing Electrical Motors and Generators since 1986.

From standby power maintenance and load testing to the repairs of smaller, domestically used generators, the team at Capricorn Rewind Electrical look after the repairs and maintenance of almost any generator.

Rewinds, overhauls, repairs and maintenance for mine motors, sewerage pumps, gearbox motors, irrigation pumps, and more! Put simply, if it has an electric engine, we can fix it, no matter how big or small.

Make sure that the equipment within your building site; workshop or office is compliant with legislation. From extension leads, computers, to power-tools, we do it all.

Ensure that your crops, fields and plant-life are getting the irrigation that they need to thrive. Capricorn Rewind Electrical looks after all repairs and maintenance for the smallest to largest irrigation pumps.

Get your welder back in action as soon as possible. With the fastest repair turnaround in the area, servicing all brands, look no further than Capricorn Rewind Electrical.

If it’s got an electric motor, we can look after it. From dry outs to switchboard repairs, no matter how big or small the motor, call the team that’s been in the industry for almost 3 decades.